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Cricket unites, but is there no world beyond? Sports.info brings the experience of a world beyond cricket!

Found in 2019, Sports.info is a sports information website feeding information with a lot of depth. Its content includes news and and statistics of different sports around the world. It features news, statistics, articles, live coverage of sports of cricket, soccer, badminton, basketball, field hockey, racing and tennis.

Owned by Ability Games Private Limited of Kolkata, Sports.info contains various news, columns, blogs, videos and fantasy sports games. Its live coverage and live scores of different sports, allow readers to track every little detail of an on-going sport.

Sensing the growing appetite for sports news consumption in digital universe, the Sports.info website offers real-time sports content to the readers, using new-age story-telling methods through video and audio narrations.

The website also carries regular previews, interviews, reviews, analysis, features, photo essays and statistical highlights.








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